How it works

To help our clients understand the process better, we have designed a transparent, step by step process to help them understand how our system works. 


To begin the process, call our office or send an email informing us what services you need. When contacting us for the first time, please be as descriptive as possible. There are many cases when people want their credit score to be partially improved, because they know they can improve the rest due to a new job or business. Based on the information we receive, we can identify how to handle your situation and solve the problem for you.


When we have a clear understanding of the case, we do a thorough investigation and make an assessment on the various options we can provide you. When we are sure that we can help you, we will schedule another appointment for more in-depth conversation or request the necessary legal documents.

Document Transfer & Agreement

Please provide a copy of all the necessary documents along with a consent letter authorizing us to take up the case. We will also ask you to send a signed copy of an agreement to us that explains payment for our services and your request for us to pursue your case. We will also request specific documents like the Equifax Credit Monitoring Service Registration or TransUnion Credit Monitoring Service Documentation to begin the process.

Request Processing

When we get all the necessary documents and the agreement is signed, we take the matter to the required company or organization. We use multiple channels to improve credit ratings and we keep you constantly informed on the progress. It takes hard work and perseverance to make sure that we present a strong case to the authorities and take up the matter as quickly as possible. We strictly advise you to not do anything with your accounts in this period. This includes, new loan applications, credit check applications, or any other major purchases.


When the case is completed and your credit ratings are increased by resolving some of the cases, we send you our bill. We may send several bills depending on if there are different issues that need to be resolved at different times. We usually wait for all the cases to get finished before sending a bill to the client.

We accept

  • American express
  • Discover
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Over the phone payments
  • Deposit only option for bank of america and wells fargo

Spread the News

When we fix your score, we want to keep a long term relationship with you. We rely on your recommendations and referrals to everyone around you to help us serve more people. We really appreciate your support that has allowed us to stay in business for more than 10 years.We try to give you simple steps to get your credit ratings fixed.

We offer a wide variety of referral programs.(add your own text but don’t specify an amount also say contact the office for more details)???? Not sure what you want here.